Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wrapping Up Scurvy Dogs!

Didn't make my amended deadline, but I have no doubt I will finish Scurvy Dogs! today, and since that's my original deadline, I'm calling it a success.

If our family were better at planning, I probably would have made it. Tori is flying to New York today to visit our son Ben and daughter Millie. And everything was left to the last minute, as per usual, plus she had to spend about four hours at the DMV – about which I have plenty to say, but not here and now.

The reason for trying to be done by the 19th was so that Tori could read it on her Kindle on the plane. Now she can read all but the last chapter on the plane. I'll send her the wrap up tonight.

As it is, I basically finished the story and just need to tie it all up. Then give it another quick read through and call it good. If it meets Tori's approval, it'll be off to Eddie the Agent on Wednesday.

Friday I wrote 1,379 words. Saturday was an exciting 1,609 as the kids finally had to deal once and for all with Itchy John and his henchman Bill Dedman. And Sunday was exciting as hell, the return of the duplicitous (but funny, I hope) Carlton Lowell, and the final showdown. I wrote a sword fight that I really think is good. I found I got quite worked up and was pounding out the words as fast as my fingers could move. It's funny, at least to me, that when I write action my fingers fly. I get caught up and it just takes off. Suday I wrote 2,228. 

Scurvy Dogs! is at 60,227 words, with the final chapter (maybe two short chapters) still to come So right about exactly where I hoped it would be.

And it will be wrapped up today.

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