Thursday, August 1, 2013

Moving Right Along

Another good day. 1,643 words and the story is finally flowing and coming together. Just like the kids who are the center of the story, I'm on the road and moving into growing danger – except I'm the one who's creating the danger.

I've actually made it a little longer to get them on the road, but it works. There's a dragon in every chapter, so to speak, a surprise or an obstacle, something to overcome, there's some humor, a real sense of danger much earlier. It's working.

I've talked about dragon-killing before. It's a rule I developed while reading the Percy Jackson books, something Tori constantly reminds me of. She did again today. "I wrote 1,643 words today," I said. "Is there a dragon?" Yes, yes there is. It looks a lot like a tree with one bough sawed off, but trust me, it's a dragon.

I haven't decided if the next chapter's dragon is a drunken fisherman or a cat. Maybe a drunken cat.

Still on track to make the Aug. 20 deadline.

I feel like I could keep writing today, but it's probably best if I leave a little something in the tank. That way when I sit down tomorrow, I'll be eager to hit the ground running and know right where I want to go.

Besides, Max is antsy to get on the computer for a while, so I'll let him have at it. He's obsessed with Minecraft these days. I'm either going to nap for just a bit, or put the DVD of "Finding Forrester" in and watch that. It's my favorite movie about writing.

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