Friday, August 16, 2013

Can't Wait to See What Happens

Note to myself – Keep going!

Put down 1,548 words yesterday, for a total of 54,000+, then got buried in errands and stuff for Talk Like a Pirate Day, which of course comes every Sept. 19. The online store (Get your TLAPDay T-shirts and coffee mugs here!) was a mess, and it needed a couple of hours of work to straighten out. And probably an hour a night for the next week or so. The holiday's almost here, it just can't wait for me.

But I've got four days to finish and I'll make it. Have a very exciting chapter to write today, the final showdown between the kids and the pirates that will be completely different than originally written, but have at least one thing will be the same – Someone bonks Itchy John on the head with a shovel. Saturday (In between shooting a TLAPDay video and working for the Source) I'll deal with the treacherous Mr. Lowell.

That leaves me two days for wrapping it up. Will they find the treasure? I really haven't decided yet. Seriously. There's arguments to make either way. I can't wait to see.