Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quick Scurvy Update

Made it through 11,335 words today – But it wasn't writing. Mostly editing. This was the most solid part of the story, didn't have to change much at all, except for the way they dealt with the old pirate. Like the bit about Buck's DTs. (of course they didn't call it that in the 18th century.) And with that, there were still plenty of typos.

The next bit will go easily as well. Then I've got to wrap it up cleanly, incorporating the new stuff.

And of course, it rollicks.

Slight change in the deadline. Tori is leaving to visit Millie in New York on the 20th, and I want her to read it beforehand, or at least take it with her to read on the plane. So the deadline is now Aug. 19.

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