Friday, January 28, 2011

A Good Day, Now a (Sigh) Shopping Trip

Thursday actually went better than I thought it would. Wrote about 800 words for The Curacao Caper, the Festering Boil pirate story I'm writing with Mark. It's almost finished (that was Chapter 45,) but this one has been not nearly as fun as the previous four, and has now been more than two years in the making, Although in many ways it's by far better than its four predecessors.

Also some 800 words for three stories for the Source. And that's on top of actually going to the luncheon meeting to hear the tax assessor talk about the territory's property tax system. And yes, it was every bit as exciting as a talk about the property tax system can be. Plus the usual running around, dropping kids off and picking them up and running errands.

Glad it's Friday. Although I've half promised to drive Millie to several thrift stores. Oh, there's some fun! A thrift store shopping trip! She much rather would have gone with her mother, who enjoys shopping – I'm told I have a tendency to sigh audibly while waiting around in clothing stores although I'm really not aware of it – but Tori works late today, and Millie works both days this weekend, so there ya go. I'm elected.

Still, I've got a little time to myself this morning, so it's time to get back to work on Bones.

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