Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

Have not written one word on "Bones" in four days. It's been one of those periods where I never got the chance to sit down and just write.

Realized sometime yesterday that I had spent more time – a lot more time – behind the wheel of the car than I had at the computer. Errands, shopping, taking people places, going out to cover stories for the Source (plus the time to write those stories, the only writing I've accomplished in days.) It piles up.

I've got a couple of hours this morning before I have to take Millie to work (40 minutes or so, round trip) and a little time this afternoon. Let's see if I can make use of them.

You lose momentum. A couple of days of good hard writing and suddenly it starts flying. But now it almost feels like starting over.

Well, here we go again.

I did correspond with Mark and in the back and forth we've finally figured out the end of "The Curacao Caper." Now all we have to do is write it. Perhaps I'll use this afternoon to get started on that. But right now, "Bones."

**Book note - Re-reading "Master and Commander." What is this the fourth time? The fifth? At least. It's inspiring, but also daunting. I'll never be Patrick O'Brian. I'll just have to be John Baur, and make sure that's good enough.

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