Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catching up and daydreaming

Wrote quite a bit yesterday, but it was all for work, stories in the Source. So that doesn't count. I've got a couple of hours this morning before I have to dash out for another meeting to cover, so I'll see what I can do.

Hey! Gotta pay the bills, right? My creditors certainly seem to think so. And until some publisher decides to make me richer than Croesus (how's that for an old school reference?) this is how I do it. (And Tori teaches, of course, and deserves every penny she gets for it, plus several more.)

I have said many times but it bears repeating – I am not a greedy man. When the publisher comes by the house with the suitcase full of money, I'll happily accept mostly twenties, as long as it's a big suitcase. But I don't insist that all the bills bear Wiliam McKinley's likeness, although one or two wouldn't hurt. And I've alwas loved the fact that Salmon P. Chase's face adorns the $10,000 bill.

But no! Stop! I'm not greedy. A (good-sized) suitcase of twenties will be more than sufficient for my modest needs.

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