Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Someone a Lot Smarter Than Me (18)

You can't fix a blank page -- Nora Roberts

That's way more eloquent than I usually say it, but it means the same thing. Don't sit there kvetching. Write something down. Write something great. Write something crappy. But write it down. You can fix it later. But as Ms. Roberts reminds us, you can't fix it you haven't written it.

For my own update, I've been buried all week in the latest revision notes from Eddie the Agent. He thinks it'll probably be the last, and then it's ready to start showing. The work is going very well. And then this happened.

Tori is off island, chaperoning the high school seniors on their senior trip, a cruise to Barbados. (Yeah, tell me about it.) Well, I don't sleep well when Tori's gone, never have, never will. So I was laying in bed trying to get some sleep because I had a meeting to cover this morning. And suddenly I was sitting bolt upright - literally. I had one of those blinding stabs when I realized what I need to do. It had to do with the number of trips into town when the boat is docked at Nevis. Since the day I wrote this section two years ago it's always been two trips into town and the various adventures that befall them, including a run in with pirates.

Last night I suddenly realized how stupid that was. Or, to be completely honest, I realized how stupid I am.

There's no reason - no reason at all - it can't happen in one trip. I just have to reorganize a couple of things, and then it becomes a much more exciting event. Really picks up the pace. So I've been waiting all day to finish with this news story so I can get to work. I'm now waiting for the e-mail that tells me tonight's editor has no questions and I'm all done.

It's a great idea. I just wish I'd had it two years ago. As the old Mennonite is sometimes alleged to say: "Ve are too soon old, und too late schmart."

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