Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Slow Week for Scurvy Dogs

Just an update on progress. Damn little.

Wrote a thousand words yesterday and a thousand the day before, but that was news writing for work. Good stories, big news. The hospital laid off 85 LPNs ands nursing assistants and people are understandably upset. But when your hospital is $28 million in debt and the new management has been saying for a year that if something doesn't change (a big infusion of cash from the government) we're going to have to lay off a hundred people, well that's what happens. It almost doesn't qualify as news. "Hospital Does What It's Been Saying It Will Do."

Busy morning. I really want to read a chapter to the kids today, but that means I've got a morning to knock out most of it. So I need to stop this and get to work!

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