Sunday, May 26, 2013

What I've Been Up To

I know. I know. Where the hell have I been?

Mostly right here. Plugging away. Got "Scurvy Dogs!" almost ready, just have to go back to the first half and make it more "rollicking." That's what I sort of lost sight of. The tone is a little serious, and I want it to be a rollicking adventure. Plus once I got to the end and saw how things came together, I have to adjust a few things and beef up the backstory. In a rollicking way.

Then I got sick. Don't want to belabor it, I wrote about it here.  Which is another of my problems. It's hard enough getting any traction with oen blog and here I'm trying ot write two, plus a novel. But they each serve different purposes so for now, at least, I soldier on.

Anyway, I was laid up on the couch for more than two weeks. Watched a lot of bad TV. (Is that redundant?) Somewhere I saw enough that the genres started melding in my head and I came up with what I think is a great story idea, although that might be the NyQuil talking. So while I'm letting "Scurvy Dogs!" gestate before hitting it one last time, I'm writing this up as a movie treatment to see if it leads anywhere. So far I like what I've got, but one idea is NOT a movie. Needs a lot of layers, a lot of balls in the air. I figure another week to two weeks, see what I've got, then ship it off and see if anyone salutes.

Then back to "Scurvy Dogs!" which is a lot of fun, Or will be when I get it rollicking. Right now it's a good story without enough laughs.

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