Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good Morning's Work

If I do say so myself, that was a good morning's work.

1,498 words, brings the total to 29,557. Chapter 16 is a LOT of fun. At least it was a lot of fun to write. Never underestimate the value of a wild pig plunging into middle of the action.

Need to be able to do more words in a sitting, but if the action's that good I'll settle. And since I have to run to the bank this afternoon, two buses there and the same two back, it's just as well. Interrupting the writing to earn the money is one thing. Getting the check and getting it to the bank ASAP is just as important, and a lot more fun.

So I'm pleased with where the story stands, where it's going. I know where the next chapter has to end, and it sets up something I had always envisioned, then forgot to put in the first draft. So I'm starting to feel pleased.

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