Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

So a week ago I bravely said I'll get back to work. And I did. Then Isaac came.

Lost a lot of time to the storm, and to prepping for the storm, and cleaning up after the storm. But I did get moving. Monday I wrote 1,300 words, got off to a good start on the second draft of Scurvy Dogs! Tuesday and Wednesday not so much. Thursday I wrote 1,506 words, took the second chapter exactly where it needed to go (and didn't in the first draft) and now I'm poised to take the story in a very exciting place.

I'm sticking to Anne Lamott's main advice in Bird by Bird. Small assignments. I don't have to write the story tomorrow. I just have to write the chapter where we meet the nemesis and get the young heroes dragge4d into a maelstrom of danger – at the end of which, may be treasure, may be death!

I didn't get a chance to write today, but I know what the chapter has to say and how it has to say it. Isaac left us without electricity, but the laptop is fully charged now and tomorrow I should be able to knock out chapter 3.

You know the old saying – Life is what happens while you're making other plans.


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