Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hot Work

It was too hot to sleep last night – we're still waiting for our power to be turned back on. As they say on St. Croix, "We got no current."
So I lay on top of the bed, sweating and thinking about the next chapter, exactly what I wanted from it. Except - I'll admit it – when I was thinking about how I'd start the movie script of "Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter," when the time comes. Nothing like planning ahead confidently. 
Anyway, when I sat down to write this morning, it all just flowed out. Really, there as no hesitation. And it went better than I expected. Today I wrote 1,696 words, bringing the tital to 4,429
And I really think they work. I introduce the nemesis much earlier, chapters and chapters earlier than in the first draft, develop Spider better in this chapter than I did in the entire first draft. And realize I have two new characters, which will work well.
All in all a very productive day – something of a miracle considering we still don't have power and it's hotter than hell.
Now to double down – raise the stakes again and get ready for the crew to go to sea.

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