Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Busy But No 'Scurvy Dogs' Today

It hasn't been the day I'd expected, anything but that.

First, we took Millie to the airport where she left for L.A. and the start of her great adventure we call life. Very exciting, but we miss her already.

Then I was off to a meeting of the Elections Board, which of late has been surprisingly contentious. Today it took them forever to get a quorum. When they finally got one, it turned out they had no business to take care of. They did nothing, and they did it really slowly and politely. Then they lost their quorum. That as my morning.

This afternoon I was hoping to get work done on "Scurvy Dogs." Instead we had one of those stories that took all hands to the pumps – and it's not over yet. Federal agents raiding a V.I. senator's office. Because I happen to be home I'm the one taking info from people and rolling it into the story.

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