Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pulling teeth

1,689 word Tuesday, and every one of them was like pulling teeth.

It always is when I come back from a break. Four-day Easter break, got almost nothing done. So Tuesday was my Monday after a four-day weekend, and getting started was hard. No momentum.

The funny part is, when read it to the kids in Tori's classroom, they loved it. "That was awesome!" is what Ryan said. Unexpected, to say the least.

With the school year entering the last lap before summer vacation, I really have to drive this thing to a close. So I'm pushing the action a little more, because "at my heel I hear time's wing'd charioteer," or whatever the poet said. You know the reference. So anyway, that might be what the kids responded to. The sound of desperation.

But it'll be a race to the end of the school year. And then all I'll have is a first draft that needs a lot of work. There's a story in here somewhere, a pretty good one I think, but there's a lot of dross that'll need cleaning off first.

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