Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quick Update

Wrote the whole chapter yesterday – 1,800 + words. Oh, and they didn't suck. Can they be better? Of course. That's what the second draft is for. But they did NOT suck. So that's good.

Throw in the two blog posts, here and on the Island Time blog (telling the tale of woe that was my St. Patrick's Day flat tire) I think I was safely over 3,000. That was a productive day.

I expect less today. Going to school to read a chapter to the kids this morning, and have to take Millie to work around noon, that's a chunk out of the day. I'll get something this afternoon, in all likelihood.

But when you've had a day like yesterday, it builds. You feel like you can do anything. I'm feeling so virtuous after yesterday that I sit down knowing I'll accomplish something. Confidence is not a bad thing.

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