Wednesday, March 16, 2011


No writing this week, at least not on the book. Not because I'm stymied or "blocked" (I don't accept the notion of writer's block, but that's another blog.)

It's because I got volunteered for putting the program together for the school musical, "Mirette."

It wouldn't be too bad, I could knock it out in no time if I was using a pagination program. But who has a thousand bucks for a copy of XPress? Not the school, which supplied me with the Word template they use.

Word's a good program (even if it is made by the hegemoniacal bastards of Redmond, Washington) and it can do a lot of things, but other than word processing, it does them half-assed. So It's a lot more laborious than it otherwise would be if I were independently wealthy and could bu whatever software I wanted.

And it doesn't hep that the kids, being kids, wrote a bunch of stuff for their program bios that isn't very helpful.

But be that as it may, the show opens tomorrow, and they expect programs. So I'm not getting up from the computer today except for coffee (and the resultant bathroom breaks) until it's done.

Then I can get back to work on - you know - work.

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