Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Better Already

Having a much more productive week, thanks to the decision I came to over the weekend to jettison half of Bones to get on track.

It's hard to say whether it's going so much better today because it was the right decision, or because I made a decision. You know what I mean?

It really was the right decision, but sometimes the fact that you've decided something, anything, is really the important factor. It gives you a renewed sense of purposes, like "Alright, now I know what I'm doing so let's do it!" Something like that. I'll leave it to the psychiatrists to sort out.

All I know is I'm back on the road with the kids and for a change I'm not struggling to put two decent sentences together. Between that and the earlier decision about focusing the perspective better, I'm finally feeling good again about this story, which has given me more trouble than either of the previous two.

Update - 900 words today.

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