Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thoughts as I head out the door

Just a few notes before I head out the door. Gotta cover the Senate again but this shouldn't be too bad. A hearing on alternative energy options for the VI. Maybe 15 minutes of actual information and an hour s so of political posturing and pontificating. I'll be out of there before noon.

Fingers crossed: I sent Eddie the Agent the latest final draft of Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter. I really think he'll like it. I certainly hope he thinks it's good enough to start selling, because I'm ready to be sold.

Moving on: Now it's back to work on Scurvy Dogs! Haven't been able to work up a head of steam on it yet because there's been all those other things. But with Chrissie off my desk – at least for now – and my Source colleague due back on island so I won't be picking up so many extra assignments, I should be able to give it the attention it deserves.

Taking a Chance: Thinking about Chance, the first YA novel I wrote, the one that hasn't sold, that's going to need some serious work. It's a good story, I like it a lot. And some great characters, including Cooley and Captain Felix O'Toole – who was inspired by going to a Who concert. Before then, he was a generic pirate. During "You'd Better You Bet" I turned to Tori and said, "I have to rewrite Felix O'Toole so Roger Daltry will want to play him in a movie!" It helped the book a lot. Chance was also a great learning experience. And in thinking it over I realized how much of it I incorporated into Chrissie. They're different stories, but they both involve 14 year olds at sea 300 years ago. It was inevitable that Chrissie would have borrowed from her big brother Chance. So I'll need to go over it carefully to separate them again.

That'll have to do. Gotta hit the shower before I run cover the politicos.

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