Friday, November 18, 2011

They Did It Again!

Two days ago I wrote and posted a blog about copy editors having these weird usage pet peeves that no sane person would care about.

And yesterday the U.S. Post Office brought me the new copy of Writer Magazine. And on the card stapled into the middle it offers subscribers a "free gift!"

Let me repeat, it's a redundancy. If it's not free, it's not a gift. It's like being a "self-confessed" anything. Who else could confess for you?

I don't want to start the whole thing up again. I just want to say I'm really disappointed in Writer. I'm sure it was the advertising or promotion department that was responsible, and I like to think the editorial staff whined and complained and protested, but those hacks in the advertising department held them at gunpoint and forced them to run the promo card with "free gift" in it. Those sadistic bastards!

Otherwise I'd have to reconsider renewing my subscription. Because if you can't trust Writer to know how to write, who can you trust?

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