Friday, February 18, 2011

Progress Report

Wrote 1,400 words yesterday, and that was in and among taking Millie to work and stopping at the grocery store, and reading the chapter to the kids (went MUCH better than the last time) and stopping at the Post Office – you know, all the little things called "life."

Today won't be as productive on Bones because in just a few minutes I have to run out and cover a story for the Source, but it'll be a good one. A visiting writer – Steve Swinburne – will be giving a presentation to the kids at Good Hope School, then doing workshops with the different classes, including Tori's fifth graders. That'll be two birds with one stone – an assignment, plus something I can write up or at least link to here.

And the 1,400 words I got done yesterday seem to be moving in the right direction now. Didn't get much written on it for the week, but I'm feeling the confidence I usually express. I'm odd that way, I guess. I'm a pretty positive person, I was raised that way, and believe things will work out over the long haul, with hard work and perseverance. But day to day sometimes you get lost in the minutiae and start worrying about the little stuff. Keep yur eye on the big picture. The only way through it is to push ahead.

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