Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fight on

Wow, that didn't go well.

The kids were polite. Not enthusiastic, not excited. Polite. Tori said, "That was the quietest they've been all day. You really had their attention." No, I had bored them. I'm sure of it.

In fact, even Tori admitted she hadn't heard the end. She was grading some papers at her desk. Wow. If I can't even hold her ...

Well, that's that. Gotta slay some dragons – lots and lots of dragons – in the next chapter.

And I'm gonna stop writing here about Bones except for the updates, because if anyone actually reads this, they'll think I suck so bad as a writer that even I know I suck. Maybe I'm kidding myself, but it seems like I didn't struggle half so much with Chance and Gladys. And they both turned out really well, efforts I'm really proud of.

With Bones, all I can do is plunge ahead, find my way out of the soup and finish the first draft – with some dead dragons on the way. Then find the story and make it sing in the rewrite. You might say I'm bowed and bloody, but unbeaten. I will make Bones a terrific story.

But boy, that silence was as quiet as any silence I've ever heard.

Schedule really sucks today, don't think I'll have any time to write at all what with the errand for Alex and the meeting about lionfish for the Source. We'll just have to see.


(Note Updated because I saw all the damn typos.)

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