Friday, January 27, 2012

Is it Friday already?

Is it Friday already? What a week.

Last week I wrote a chapter of Scurvy Dogs! that Tori's class loved (including two great pirate names) and almost finished the revision of Chrissie Warren. This week has been almost all about the Source. Wednesday I covered two Senate hearings and Thursday I covered one all-day Senate hearing on the closure of Hovensa. The Senators were grilling company executives and apparently weren't listening to each other because they asked many of the same questions over and over. The CEO of the company had to tell them how many people he employed four different times, and that information has been in all the media and common knowledge for more than a week. And that wasn't the dumbest thing the senators said. There's a reason they're politicians, not business people.

And to make it worse, Tuesday night I somehow came down with a massive cold. I went from everything's fine to barely able to breathe in a matter of minutes, and I've been fighting it ever since. Sitting through two days of political grandstanding by our elected officials while fighting this cold practically made my head explode.

Now I'm back to work. I'll have Chrissie finished this weekend. Except my brain won't quit working. Driving home the other say I suddenly thought – Wait! What if the book starts there! Just cut all that stuff in front. I'd have to do some serious rewriting, create a couple of new ... "

I told myself to shut up. The book is good. Almost done. If Eddie the Agent still thinks it needs something, I'll suggest that. But right now it think it needs to be finished.

Hamlet. What if we cut the first couple of acts and start it with Hamlet killing Polonius? You see, it never stops.

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