Thursday, December 15, 2011

Keeping Up on Scurvy Dogs

Chapter 9 of Scurvy Dogs!, which I read to the kids last week, was as good as I'd hoped, and they loved it as much as I'd thought they would. There's a nice zig zag at the end, and only about five of the roughly 30 kids saw the zag coming. That's always nice. (And the adult in the room didn't, so that's satisfying.)

Finished chapter 10 yesterday and was supposed to read it to the class today but got pre-empted. So I'll be reading tomorrow.

In the meantime, mostly been doing work stuff, and a lot of it. (I get paid by the story, so that's good, especially around Christmas.) And nibbling around the edges of the Chrissie Warren revision. I'll turn full bore, hard core on that next week, when school breaks for the holidays. Which works perfectly, schedule-wise. By the time school starts up again I'll be done with Chrissie. I'll send the finished (this time around) manuscript back to the agent, then be back at work on Scurvy Dogs! in time to have another new chapter for the class.

So 10 chapters done, and they work. I'm pretty sure in the final draft I"m going to want to cut these first 10 in half, but hat's a problem for another day – hopefully by early spring.

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